Artificial Cellular Systems Lab (The ArtCs Lab)

Understanding and Controlling Artificial Cellular Systems for Biomedical Applications

It is challenging to create smart artificial cellular systems that mimic the dynamical behavior and resilience of natural cells, while showing superior function in some areas. The artificial cellular systems (also called biohybrid or biomimetic cells) are hybrid material-bacteria systems that have broad applications in biosensing, bioremediation, disease treatment, and basic biological study. To overcome the challenge, we investigate the operating principles of protein and gene networks. We also apply the principles to control various artificial cellular systems, including synthetic bacteria, cell-free systems, artificial bacteria, and hybrid cell-soft robots. We use a unique holistic approach that integrates synthetic biology and systems biology. Our work will lead to effective and efficient artificial cellular systems for both biotechnological applications and disease treatment.

Recent Publication

Holistic engineering of cell-free systems through proteome-reprogramming synthetic circuits
Luis E. Contreras-Llano, Conary Meyer, Yao Liu, Mridul Sarker, Sierin Lim, Marjorie L. Longo, C. Tan
Nature Communications, pdf

Latest News

Sep 2021 Prof Tan was awarded the NIGMS MIRA. press

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