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Mar 2019 Prof Tan was awarded the NIH – NIBIB Trailblazer Award.

UC Davis press release

Oct 2018 Prof Tan was selected as a CMBE Young Innovator

UC Davis press release

July 2018 The Tan Lab received grants from NSF and Branco-Weiss Fellowship.


Apr 2018 The Tan Lab received a grant from UCDavis to study antibiotic tolerance of bacteria.


Apr 2018 Prof Tan was selected as a Scialog Fellow by the Research Corporation for Science Advancement.


Jan 2018 Prof Tan gave invited seminars in MIT and Wyss Institute.


Nov 2017 Outside-the-Cell Thinking Simplifies Assembly of Pure Protein Synthesis Machinery #synbio #cellfree #biotech #biotechnology #engbio


Sep 2017 Prof Tan gave an invited talk at University of Minnesota Twin Cities


June 2017 Lab members were awarded the Travel Awards from Undergraduate Research Center

Congrats to Sean, Michelle, Tanishq, and Alex for the travel awards

Apr 2017 Congrats to Tanishq for the Honorable Mention Award at the Santa-Clara University Undergraduate Conference.


Apr 2017 Welcome Luis to the Tan Lab!


Mar 2017 Prof Tan gave an invited talk in IBEM 2017 at Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi.

Nov 2016 Prof Tan gave two invited talks in Switzerland and Shanghai.


Nov 2016 First Author of Synthetic Biology Paper is a Tan Lab Undergraduate.

Aug 2016 Prof Tan gave an invited talk at the Lawrence Livermore National Lab.


July 2016 Prof Tan gave an invited talk at Academia Sinica, Taiwan.


July 2016 Prof Tan taught an invited summer course in National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan about “Synthetic Biology: From in vitro to in vivo circuits”.


June 2016 Prof Tan gave an invited talk at the GRC Conference on “Active, Adaptive, and Responsive Biointerfaces”.

June 2016 Tan Lab members gave two lightning talks at the UC-wide Bioeng Conference.


June 2016 Dan was awarded a Training Grant from the UC Davis Biotechnology Program.


May 2016 Yunfeng gave an invited talk at the UC Davis Postdoc Research Symposium.


April 2016 Prof Tan gave a talk at DARPA Proposers’ Day.


April 2016 Michael won the Undergraduate Research Award from the Department of BME.


Feb 2016 Prof Tan gave a keynote presentation in NanoEngineering for Medicine
and Biology Conference (ASME)


Feb 2016 Eliza presented her work on artificial cells in the plenery session of Qbio-Winter 2016


Oct 2015 Prof Tan chaired a platform session in BMES.
Prof Tan also presented the lab research in the platform session.


Sept 2015 Meidi was awarded a Best Research Award in the GREAT program
Congrats to Meidi.


Aug 2015 Dan gave a talk in the Summer QBio Conference
June 2015 The Tan Lab attended the UC-wide Bioengineering Symposium
The Tan Lab gave four lightning talks at the event.


June 2015 Fan has been awarded a research and a travel award by UC Davis.
Congrats to Fan.


May 2015 Dan has been awarded a Biotech Fellowship.
Congrats to Dan.


Apr 2015 Jonathan Ho has been awarded a Citation for Outstanding Performance
Congrats to Jonathan! The award is given by the College of Biological Sciences, UC Davis.


Mar 2015 Dan has been awarded an Honorable Mention from the NSF Graduate Fellowship program.
Congrats to Dan.


Mar 2015 The Tan Lab was awarded a Young Investigator Grant by the Human Frontier Science Program.
A total of 10 young investigator teams are awarded the grant (from >1000 letters of intent).
HFSP newly awarded link
UC Davis press release: Cheemeng Tan Earns Life Sciences Funding Award. link


Feb 2015 Two presentations in Winter Q-bio 2015
Fernando gave a talk and Fan presented a poster.


Feb 2015 Prof Tan gave an invited talk in the Biophysical Society Annual Meeting, 2015
The workshop “Artificial Cells: Understanding and Engineering” involved two other great speakers: Michael Jewett and Thomas Gregor.


Jan 2015 Prof Tan gave an invited talk in PepTalk 2015
The conference involved experts from both industry and academia in the field of synthetic biology.


Oct 2014 Fan presented the first poster of the Tan Lab
Fan presented his research at the BME Graduate Group retreat.


Aug 2014 Tan Lab paper was included in the Special Collection of Nature
The Special Collection included recent papers in synthetic biology.


July 2014 Prof Tan gave an invited talk in the EITA conference
Prof Tan presented the lab research on synthetic biology and antibiotic treatment at the EITA conference in MIT.


June 2014 Prof Tan gave invited talks in LMU and PKU
Prof Tan visited both Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and Peking University to present the lab research on synthetic biology.


Apr 2014 An interview with Prof Tan
UC Davis BMES Messenger for Winter 2014 included an interview with Prof Tan and an introduction of a course that Prof Tan is teaching.


Mar 2014 The Tan Lab had the first group outing
The Tan Lab welcome Yunfeng, Dan Lewis, and Fan Wu as formal members of the lab!


Mar 2014 Prof Tan joined graduate groups in UC Davis
Prof Tan is now a member of the Biochemistry, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology (BMCDB) Graduate Group, Genetics Graduate Group, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science (CHMS) Graduate Program, and Designated Emphasis in Biotechnology (DEB) Program


Feb 2014 Prof Tan gave an invited talk in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science (CHMS)
Nov 2013 Prof Tan was quoted in Chemical and Engineering News
“Heated Nanoparticles Throw Gene Therapy Switch” by CEN.


Aug 2013 Tan lab research was highlighted in CMU Student Newspaper
“Scientists make discovery in field of synthetic biology” by CMU The Tartan.


Aug 2013 Gene in a crowd
The research on artificial cells was selected as the cover article by Nature Nanotechnology. The research was also highlighted by both Futurity and Nanowiki.


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