Artificial Cellular Systems Lab (The ArtCs Lab)

The Tan Lab combines synthetic biology and systems biology to create synthetic cells and vesicles.

Engineering Artificial Cellular Systems for Broad Biotechnological Applications

It is challenging to create artificial cellular systems that match the dynamical behavior and resilience of natural cellular systems, while showing superior function in some areas. The Tan Lab uses a holistic approach, which integrates synthetic biology and systems biology, to engineer synthetic vesicles, cell-free systems, and synthetic cells. Our work will lead to effective and safe artificial cellular systems for broad biotechnological applications.

Recent Publication

Engineering Cyborg Bacteria Through Intracellular Hydrogelation.
L. Contreras‐Llano, Y. Liu, T. Henson, C. Meyer, O. Baghdasaryan, S. Khan, C. Lin, A. Wang, C. Hu, C. Tan
Advanced Science, pdf

Latest News

Sep 2021 Prof Tan was awarded the NIGMS MIRA. press

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