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Holistic Synthetic Biology for Biomedical Applications

When a protein-synthesis network goes awry, proteins cannot be synthesized at the right form, amount, time, and space. This problem can lead to diseases and challenges in the synthesis of proteins. To overcome the challenge, we use a unique holistic synthetic-biology approach that integrates synthetic and systems biology. The holistic approach exploits state-of-the-art molecular biology, quantitative measurements, and high-throughput methods. Our study will lead to precise and efficient ways to control protein-synthesis networks in biotechnological applications and disease treatment.

Recent Publication

A Biosensing Soft Robot: Integrating Chemical and Optical Responsive Synthetic Cells with Soft Robotics.
K. Justus, T. Hellebrekers, D. Lewis, A. Wood, C. Ingham, C. Majidi, P. LeDuc, and C. Tan
Science Robotics, 2019 pdf

Latest News

Feb 2019 Prof Tan was awarded the NIH – NIBIB Trailblazer Award. press

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