Artificial Cellular Systems Lab

Holistic Control of Artificial Cellular Systems for Biomedical Applications

It is challenging to create artificial cellular systems that rival the dynamic chemical-biological response of natural systems. The artificial cellular systems have broad applications in energy production, disease treatment, and basic biological study. To overcome the challenge, we investigate the operating principles of protein synthesis networks. We apply the principles to control protein synthesis in bacteria, cell-free, artificial cells, and hybrid bio-robots. We use a unique holistic synthetic-biology approach that integrates synthetic and systems biology. Our work will lead to an effective and efficient way to build or control hybrid biological-material systems for both biotech applications and disease treatment.

Recent Publication

A Biosensing Soft Robot: Integrating Chemical and Optical Responsive Synthetic Cells with Soft Robotics.
K. Justus, T. Hellebrekers, D. Lewis, A. Wood, C. Ingham, C. Majidi, P. LeDuc, and C. Tan
Science Robotics, 2019 pdf

Latest News

Feb 2019 Prof Tan was awarded the NIH – NIBIB Trailblazer Award. press

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