Synthetic Cells Group | Prof. Cheemeng Tan | Department of Biomedical Engineering | University of California, Davis

Bottom-up & Synthetic Biology for Biomedical Applications

Our work is unified under one theme: the engineering of synthetic biological networks from the bottom-up for biomedical applications. We pursue two fundamental directions. First, we create biomimetic networks in cell-free, artificial cells, and living cells for biotechnological applications. In parallel, we investigate how noise and feedback loops affect dynamics of biological networks. We aim to merge the two directions to overcome important challenges in protein design, drug discovery, and disease treatment. Our work is multi-disciplinary and strives to create new frontiers in biomedical engineering by synergizing ideas from different fields.

Recent Publication

Minimizing context-dependency of gene networks using artificial cells.
Y. Ding, L. Contreras-Llano, E. Morris, M. Mao, C. Tan
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 2018 pdf

Latest News

Feb 2019 Prof Tan was awarded the NIH – NIBIB Trailblazer Award. press

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