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  • Assembling Bacterial Cyborg Cells: Production of living cell-material hybrids using intracellular hydrogelation
    O. Baghdasaryan, L. Contreras-Llano, S. Khan, Jack Hu, and C. Tan
    Nature Protocols, in revision, pdf
  • Extracellular vesicle heterogeneity is a double-edged nano-sword
    R. Carney, R. Mizenko, B. Bozkurt, T. Henson, A. Arizzi, A. Wang, C. Tan, S. George
    Nature Nanotechnology, in revision pdf
  • Designer artificial environments for membrane protein synthesis
    C. Meyer, A. Arizzi, T. Henson, S. Aviran, M. Longo, C. Tan,
    Nature Communications, in revision pdf


  • Special Issue – Synthetic Biology for Biosensing in Health and Environmental Applications
    B. Wang and C. Tan
    Biosensors, 2023, pdf
  • Synthetic Control of Living Cells by Intracellular Polymerization
    O. Baghdasaryan, S. Khan, J. Lin, J. Lee-Kin, C. Hsu. C. Jack Hu, C. Tan
    Trends in Biotech, 2023, pdf
  • Engineering Cyborg Bacteria Through Intracellular Hydrogelation.
    L. Contreras‐Llano, Y. Liu, T. Henson, C. Meyer, O. Baghdasaryan, S. Khan, C. Lin, A. Wang, C. Hu, C. Tan
    Advanced Science, 2023, pdf
  • Advanced Science News, Polish News, Popular Mechanics, Free Think, Market Scale

  • Frequency dependent growth of bacteria in living materials.
    DD. Lewis#, T. Gong#, Y. Xu, C. Tan
    Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, 2022, pdf
  • The engineering of a microfluidic printing robot for protein network reconstitution.
    C. Zhou#, J. Shim#, Z. Fang, C. Meyer, T. Gong, M. Wong, C. Tan*, T. Pan*
    ACS Analytical Chemistry, 2022, pdf
  • High throughput experimentation using cell-free protein synthesis systems.
    C. Meyer, C. Zhou, Z. Fang, ML. Longo, T. Pan, C. Tan
    Cell-Free Gene Expression, 2022, pdf
  • Analysis of the innovation trend in cell-free synthetic biology.
    C. Meyer, Y. Nakamura, BJ. Rasor, AS. Karim, MC. Jewett, C. Tan
    Life, 2021, pdf
  • Building protein networks in synthetic systems from the bottom-up
    J. Shim#, C. Zhou#, T. Gong#, DA. Iserlis, HA. Linjawi, M. Wong, T. Pan*, C. Tan
    Biotechnology Advances, 2021, pdf
  • Stochastic ordering of complexoform protein assembly by genetic circuits.
    M. Jensen, E. Morris, H. Tran, M. Nash, and C. Tan
    PLoS Comp. Bio., 2020, pdf
  • Holistic engineering of cell-free systems through proteome-reprogramming synthetic circuits
    LE. Contreras-Llano, C. Meyer, Y. Liu, M. Sarker, S. Lim, ML. Longo, C. Tan
    Nature Communications, 2020, pdf
  • Orthogonal tuning of gene expression noise using CRISPR-Cas.
    F. Wu#, J. Shim#, T. Gong, C. Tan
    Nucleic Acids Research, 2020, pdf
  • Microfluidic cap-to-dispense (μCD): a universal microfluidic–robotic interface for automated pipette-free high-precision liquid handling.
    J. Wang, K. Deng, C. Zhou, Z. Fang, C. Meyer, KU. Deshpande, Z. Li, X. Mi, Q. Luo, BD. Hammock, C. Tan*, Y. Chen*, and T. Pan* (*co-corresponding author)
    Lab on a Chip, 2019, pdf
  • A Biosensing Soft Robot: Integrating Chemical and Optical Responsive Synthetic Cells with Soft Robotics.
    K. Justus, T. Hellebrekers, D. Lewis, A. Wood, C. Ingham, C. Majidi, P. LeDuc, and C. Tan
    Science Robotics, 2019, pdf
  • Digital Journal, ZDNet, Business Standard , SlashGear , The Peninsular Qatar , New York Post , BGR , Cosmos, , Irish Times , New Atlas , TechCrunch

  • Dead bacterial absorption of an antimicrobial peptides underlies collective tolerance.
    F. Wu and C. Tan
    Journal of Royal Society Interface, 2019, pdf


  • Minimizing context-dependency of gene networks using artificial cells.
    Y. Ding, LE. Contreras-Llano, E. Morris, M. Mao, C. Tan
    ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces pdf
  •, ZMEscience, The Times of India

  • Engineered stochastic adhesion between microbes as a protection mechanism against environmental stress.
    D. Lewis, R. Vanella, C. vo, L. Rose, M. Nash, and C. Tan
    Cellular and Biomolecular Engineering – Special Issue for Young Innovator Award pdf
  • See press release by UC Davis.

  • High-throughput screening of biomolecules using cell-free gene expression systems.
    LE. Contreras-Llano, and C. Tan
    Oxford University Press Synthetic Biology pdf
  • Dotette: Programmable, high-precision, plug-and-play droplet pipetting.
    J. Fan, Y. Men, K. Tseng, Y. Ding, Y. Ding, F. Villarreal, C. Tan, B. Li, and T. Pan
    AIP Biomicrofluidics pdf
  • Engineering approaches of smart, bio-inspired vesicles for biomedical applications.
    T. Abraham, M. Mao, and C. Tan
    Physical Biology pdf
  • News and Views: Aroma-triggered pain relief
    D. Lewis and C. Tan
    Nature Biomedical Engineering, 2018 pdf
  • Reconfigurable Analog Signal Processing by Living Cells.
    DD. Lewis, M. Chavez, K. Chiu, C. Tan
    ACS Synthetic Biology, 2017 pdf
  • Highlighted in Cell Systems.

  • CRISPR-Cas expands dynamic range of gene expression from T7RNAP promoters.
    SR. McCutcheon, KL. Chiu, DD. Lewis, and C. Tan
    Biotechnology Journal, 2017 pdf
  • Highlighted as cover image

  • Synthetic microbial consortia enable rapid assembly of multi-protein complexes.
    F. Villarreal, M. Chavez, Y. Ding, J. Fan, T. Pan, and C. Tan
    Nature Chemical Biology, 2017 pdf
  • Press release by UC Davis

    GEN News, Scicasts

  • Voices: What Is the Role of Circuit Design in the Advancement of Synthetic Biology? Part 3. – Beyond ‘Electronic’ Circuits
    C. Tan
    Cell Systems, invited contribution, 2017 pdf
  • Multi-dimensional Studies of Synthetic Genetic Promoters Enabled by Microfluidic Impact Printing.
    J Fan, F Villarreal, B Weyers, Y Ding, K Tseng, J Li, B Li*, C. Tan*, and T Pan* (*co-corresponding authors)
    Lab on a chip, 2017 pdf
  • Highlighted in the back cover of Lab on a chip.

  • Editorial: Special collection of synthetic biology, aiming for quantitative control of cellular systems.
    C. Tan
    Quantitative Biology, 2017 pdf
    The special issue
  • Cell-free systems in the new age of synthetic biology.
    F. Villarreal, C. Tan
    Frontiers of Chemical Science and Engineering, 2016, pdf
  • Reproducibility of high-throughput plate-reader experiments in synthetic biology.
    M. Chavez, J. Ho, C. Tan
    ACS Synthetic Biology, 2016, pdf
  • Network motifs modulate druggability of cellular targets.
    F. Wu, C. Ma, and C. Tan
    Scientific Reports, 2016, pdf
  • Dynamic Biomaterials: Toward Engineering Autonomous Feedback.
    E. Morris, M. Chavez, and C. Tan
    Current Opinion in Biotechnology, invited paper, 2016, pdf
  • Cellular force signal integration through vector logic gates.
    R. Steward, C. Tan, C-M Cheng, and P. LeDuc
    Journal of Biomechanics, 2015, pdf
  • Synthetic biology: a bridge between artificial and natural cells.
    Y. Ding, F. Wu, C. Tan.
    Life, invited paper,2014 pdf
  • Synthetic biology outside the cell: linking computational tools to cell-free systems.
    DD. Lewis*, F. Villarreal*, F. Wu, C. Tan.
    Frontier Bioeng. Biotechnol , invited paper, 2014 pdf
  • Phenotypic signatures arising from unbalanced bacterial growth.
    C. Tan, R. Smith, M-C. Tsai, R. Schwartz, and L. You.
    PLoS Comp Bio, 2014, pdf
  • The engineering of artificial cellular nanosystems using synthetic biology approaches.
    F. Wu, C. Tan.
    WIREs Nanomedicine & Nanobiotechnology, invited paper, 2014, pdf
  • Allee effect resolves the dispersion paradox of invasive species.
    R. Smith, C. Tan, K. Riccione, A. Pai, H. Song, and L. You.
    PNAS, 2014, pdf

    Selected for F1000Prime link

2013 and earlier

  • Shaping gene expression in artificial cellular systems by cell-inspired molecular crowding.
    C. Tan, S. Saurabh, M. Bruchez, R. Schwartz, and P. LeDuc.
    Nature Nanotechnology, 2013, pdf

    Highlighted in News&View, Artificial cells: Crowded genes perform differently, Nature Nanotech, 2013.

    Highlighted in Learning how to make artificial cells, Nanowiki, 2013.

    Highlighted in Top Stories: Artificial cells show why crowding is key, Futurity, 2013.

  • The inoculum effect and band-pass bacterial response to periodic antibiotic treatment.
    C. Tan*, R. Smith*, J. Srimani, K. Riccione, S. Prasada, M. Kuehn, and L. You. (*Equal contribution).
    Molecular Systems Biology, 2012 pdf

    Highlighted in “Editor Choice”: Microbiology – Hit ‘Em Quick, Hit ‘Em Strong, Science, 338, 6104, 2012. pdf

  • Frontiers of optofluidics in synthetic biology
    C. Tan, S. Lo, P. LeDuc, and CM. Cheng.
    Lab on a Chip, 2012 pdf
  • Fusion of giant unilamellar vesicles with planar hydrophobic surfaces: A fluorescence microscopy study.
    G. H. Zan, C. Tan, M. Deserno, F. Lanni, and M. Losche.
    Soft Matter, 2012. pdf
  • Direct calculation of steady-state molecule number probability distributions in biochemical networks subject to intrinsic and extrinsic noise.
    M. Hallen, B. Li, Y. Tanouchi, C. Tan, L. You.
    PLoS Comp. Bio, 2011 pdf
  • Origin of bistability underlying mammalian cell cycle entry.
    G. Yao, C. Tan, M. West, J. R. Nevins, and L. You.
    Molecular Systems Biology, 2011.pdf
  • Programming microbial population dynamics by engineered cell-cell communication.
    H. Song, S. Payne, C. Tan, and L. You.
    Biotechnology Journal, 2011.pdf
  • Emergent bistability by a growth-modulating positive feedback circuit.
    C. Tan, P. Marguet, and L. You.
    Nature Chemical Biology, 2009. pdf

    Highlighted in “News and Views”: Slow growth leads to a switch, Nature Chemical Biology, 5, 784-785, 2009.

  • Image segmentation and dynamic lineage analysis in single-cell fluorescent microscopy.
    Q. Wang, J. Niemi, C. Tan , L. You and M. West.
    Cytometry A, 2009.pdf
  • Noise-limited frequency signal transmission in gene circuits.
    C. Tan, F. Reza, and L. You.
    Biophysical Journal, 2007. pdf
  • A synthetic biology challenge: making cells compute.
    C. Tan, H. Song, J. Niemi, and L. You.
    Molecular BioSystems, 2007.pdf

    Highlighted in Living computers (Perspective). H. Song, C. Tan, and L. You. Chemical Biology, 2007.

  • Biology by design: reduction and synthesis of cellular components and behaviour.
    P. Marguet, F. Balagadde, C. Tan, and L. You.
    J. Royal Society Interface, 2007.pdf
  • Hybrid simulations of stochastic reaction-diffusion processes for modeling intracellular signaling pathways.
    K.-H. Chiam*, C. Tan*, V. Bhargava, and G. Rajagopal (*Equal contribution).
    Physical Review E, 2006. pdf
  • Grid Cellware: The first Grid-enabled tool for modeling and simulating cellular processes.
    P. Dhar, C. Tan, S. Somani, Y. Li, K. Sakharkar, A. Krishnan, A. Ridwan, M. Chitre, and H. Zhu.
    Bioinformatics, 2005. pdf
  • Modeling and simulation of biological systems with stochasticity.
    C. Tan
    , S. Somani, and P. Dhar.
    In-Silico Biology, 2004.pdf

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